About me...

Hi I am Darcy, 43 years old and living in the North East of the UK.

 A professional title for me would be Mixed Media Artist, however on a day to day basis I like to use the term 'sticker & gluer & maker of stuff'

I have been 'making stuff' forever. I started with yarn, when my great grandmother taught me to knit at age 4. I continued to knit throughout my childhood, and occasionally dabbled in drawing. I vividly remember one Easter holiday drawing and cutting out over a 100 doll shapes and then colouring them with different outfits. In my late teens I learnt to crochet, only the basics, it was never a great love for me. Then I moved onto cross stitch, machine embroidery, making bags, patchwork and quilting and every kind of papercrafts. I  have qualifications in traditional Millinery, but pretty much everything else is self taught. 

I have never taken art classes, and I think that is a good thing, it means I am free to use whatever medium I want in whatever way that I want. I am not entirely lawless, but I do find following 'art rules' very stifling. 

These days I really do like to play with everything, mixed media is definitely my thing. I love art journals, mainly because they feed my passion for layers and texture, but I am just as happy making a new handbag for a night out. I also have an obsession with knitting my own socks. 

As much as I love decorating items, I am just as happy building them from scratch, in fact I love the challenge of building something from nothing. 

 I am currently on designs teams for both Letraset Markers and for PaperArtsy. 

You can see a few of the things I have made here.. 

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